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Are you a veteran vacation rental owner looking for a forward-looking, top tier management partner, or a new owner looking for the right guide to success? 

Joining the White Sail Realty network of vacation rental homes is a straightforward 3 step process.

The ACE Onboarding Process (Assess, Create, Execute)

ASSESSFirst, we evaluate your property for Eligibility and Suitability as a vacation rental. Not all properties are eligible for a Short Term Lodging Permit, which is a requirement. Many properties that are eligible are not suitable, perhaps due to location, condition, lack of parking, or other factors.

CREATEOnce we confirm Eligibility and Suitability, we Advise on required or suggested upgrades to create a competitive vacation rental product. This can be as simple as items to stock the kitchen, to new furnishings and décor, to modifications to the property itself.

EXECUTEOnce the owner decides to Commit to the process and initial payment is received, we begin the formal Onboarding process. The upgrades are made, a branding process will begin to frame the property as a memorable product that creates treasured vacation experiences, and not just another forgettable rental house in a crowded market.

Whether you have an Investment Property that needs more income or a Dream Vacation Home that needs a steady hand, we can help! 

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